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Babu Krishna Thapa


Babu Krishna Thapa is the founder of Go For Nepal Treks Pvt Ltd. He started in Nepal tourism in 2006 working as a trekking guide before opening his own company in 2012. Mr. Thapa is a well-known name in Nepal tourism who is educated, multilingual, friendly and have vast knowledge of Nepal tourism. With his passion of making Nepal the best holiday destination in world, Mr. Thapa has traveled many countries to promote and endorse Nepal tourism.

As an adventure lover in free time Mr. Thapa loves to do some trekking and adventure activity in Nepal.


Kazi Shamo Ranger (Shambhu Thapa)


“Hello I am shambhu thapa moreover they call me Kazi shamo ranger. My home town is Chitwan Sauraha but currently I touchdown to the capital city of Nepal-“Kathmandu” since then I get in the full swing with the choice of travel things. I am freelancing travel guide and a full-time functional travel consultant. I served my first 4 years at a travel agency in Thamel but have since moved to Go For Nepal Treks & Expedition Pvt.Ltd. My work is my passion and fad, so I have been adoring every second of it. Apart from my responsibility, i keep interest on doing blogger, developer and I like better being a natural liberal thinker. Besides being fascinated in Travel things, I have got a particular fondness for languages, Music and Physical trainings. Well these days, I have geared up myself to be a successful travel professional throughout this ever changing and challenging globe. Hence, I am ready to do whatever it takes. And i am on running towards it.

Asmita Pulami

Asmita Pulami


“Namaste,Its me Asmita Pulami from Kathmandu Nepal,working in Go for Nepal Travels,Treks & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. as a travel and ticketing consultant. I got involved in this profession cause I Love travelling and exploring different places and meet new people and communicate with them.My fondness for learning different languages,understanding and accepting diverse cultures,traditions and their life styles makes me more enthusiastic to get participated in this tourism hospitality.In short, This is the impression of our Nepalese society ‘Unity in diversity’.”

administratorPrajjol Maharjan


Family Friend and Supporter

administratorLaurence Plaisant

Representative from Australia

Nirmal DhakalNirmal Dhakal

Representative From Malaysia


Kiran Thapa

Nameste! I’m Kiran Thapa and my hometown is Chitwan Sauraha . I’ve stay at Malaysia more than 9 years and I’m doing well in hospitality F&B line right now .i like adventures especially hiking, rafting , paragliding and bungejump. So guys, come join me for the adventures!


Ann Shong

Hello I’m Ann Shong from Malaysia . I like travelling . Nothing can stop my dream to visit around the world . Work hard ! Play hard !

Trekking & Tour Staffs

maria-latestRam Bahadur

Trekking Guide

In short – well familiar and experienced over the trails of Nepal since a long period of time. Got a excellency in reliability.

trekking-guideDorge Tamang


tour-guideSantosh Raimajhi


tour-guidePemba Tamang


gesman_tamangGesman Tamang

Mountain Climbing Guide

nir_bahadur_baniyaNir Bahadur Baniya

Trekking Guide

sonam_sherpaSonam Sherpa

Mountain Climbing Guide

dilip_tamangDilip Tamang

Mountain Climbing Guide

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