Expedition in Nepal

There is a true Himalayan kingdom, Nepal which is also known as country of Mt. Everest and Lord Buddha. Mt Everest, the highest peak of the earth is its major attraction. Except it, many Himalayan ranges attract thousands of people every month. Nepal has been sandwiched between two giant country China and India. There are 14 peaks which altitude is more than 8000m, among them, 7 peaks are in Nepal. So Nepal is best for tours and trekking. Every yearthousands of multicolored mix visitors and travellers come to see, observe andget inspired withmore than 500 years old, heritage sights like Durbar Square, Swambhunath, Boudhnath, Lumbini, Pashupatinath which are major attractions of Nepal. Expedition in Nepal will be a complete of adventure and Go For Nepal has designed each and every package keeping in mind about the visitors benefits and comfort.

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