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Why Travel Insurance is necessary to visit Nepal ?

Nestled under the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, Nepal is a dream destination for adventure seekers and for those bitten by the travel bug. Every year thousands of travelers make their way to this small country seeking to climb a mountain, trek through isolated trails and hilltop villages, raft on its turbulent rivers, bike through its scenic countryside or explore and discover its rich cultural heritage.

With eight of the world’s highest mountains (eight thousanders) including Mount Everest(8848m), and several peaks above 6000m to 7000m , much of Nepal is covered by hilly terrain. While this offers multiple avenues for thrill seekers and adventure sports, one cannot overlook the fact that these thrills come with hazards. There is always the danger of an injury or an accident happening. High in the mountains, where one is at the mercy of the weather, there’s always the chance of a landslide, mudslide or an avalanche occurring. If you are climbing a peak, sometimes bad weather and low visibility may play spoilsport and make it impossible for you to carry on further. High altitude also puts your health at risk. Most of the trekking regions in Nepal take you to elevations up to 3000m – 5000m and higher where the air is thin and there is less oxygen in the atmosphere. People who cannot cope with the thin air suffer from altitude sickness or Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). Dizziness, difficulty in breathing, headache are some of the symptoms. If left untreated one could lose one’s life. Tricky maneuvers through the rough terrain may also leave you with an injury – a fractured bone or a deep cut. In such instances evacuation by air may be necessary. Evacuations are costly affairs and if you are traveling without insurance there’s a chance that you may not be able to afford it (god forbid!). Taking out a Travel Insurance before you go on a trip will protect you from such unforeseen expenses. It will also help you pay for your medical bills(in case you are hospitalized while traveling), extra costs incurred due to delays, strikes, baggage loss, natural disasters etc.

If you are planning to visit Nepal and have not taken out a Travel Insurance, it would be wise to take it out now. It is, after all like they say, better to be safe than sorry

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