Tibet Bike Tour from Nepal

The Tibet Bike Tour from Nepal is an adventurous tour to the roof of the world, Tibet. The motorbike tour arranged by Go For Nepal gives you an insight of the life and culture of the Tibet.

Travelling mostly on the graveled road and few pitched roads, enjoying the panorama of snow- capped peaks, viewing the amazing rock formations and breathing in a dry environment is all what the motor biking tour is about.

The Tibet Motorbike Tour from Nepal is an opportunity to view and also experience the life in a part of the world that is isolated from the rest of the world. Moreover, we will also get a chance of sightseeing around the gigantic Tibetan monasteries, interacting with Tibetan people, knowing the Tibetan culture and witnessing the beauty of herd of sheep and yak as they graze in huge pasture lands.

The motorbike tour to Tibet is considered among the best in Asia. However, only a few travel agencies arrange the Tibet Motorbike Tour. So, book your tour to the roof of the world with Go For Nepal at a bargained cost.

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