• Jul 9, 2021
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People with Almond eyes, Dark brown skin of Nepal may freak you out, Relax; they might be one of the best honey hunters in the world.

A Group of Gurung People from Gandaki Region are known as Best Honey Hunter According to Eric Valle's famous documentary "Honey Hunters of Nepal". Some People might be heard about the honey hunters, Trust me I'm the one who stands with them, a couple of times in their's expedition and Almost traveled a lot of Gurung's villages which are located in (3000 to 5000m) altitude of hilly regions. Unique cultural beliefs converted them into (shamanism) free spirit by Nature. They have their own culture, language, tradition, and lifestyle.so this blog is all about normal honey Hunter Named Bir Bahadur Gurung of Ghermu VDC. Here, I am going to tell my story how, where, when we started our expedition.

Bir Bahadur is my Dad's friend as we said 'kaka', aged 56, Dark brown color looks like a Caesar form planet of Apes, Strong, Cleaver, and Healthy. He has been in this honey hunting job since when he was young. Everyone calls him by his nickname 'Bahubali' means the supreme one. April and May are the favorable sessions for honey hunting and this is the month of May. From two days People are engaging in preparing Ropes, ladder, wooden knives using local resources. As kaka said the day will be tomorrow for honey hunting and the location will be Sange's waterfalls.

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The final climax of Honey Hunting:

I woke up with the buzzing sound. I turned myself out and saw a lot of people were ready for the journey. Bahubali kaka was giving orders to other members to carry useful stuff like a ladder, ropes, wooden knife, bamboo sticks, foods and many more. Quickly I packed my bag and ready to hustle with them. we walked almost 3 hours inside the jungle ups and down. The fresh wind blows in my head and makes me feels like Indiana Jones in Amazon jungle's adventure. The long narrow stiff path is making my excitement and pain double at the same time. Older people are trying to scare the shit out of me by telling the ghost's story but they don't know that I am an Indiana Jones fictional character. The most surprising part is that Bir Bahadur kaka is chanting and throwing some rice grains while walking. I asked the man about the rituals and they were saying the rituals are all about to make forest god happy so that no evil shadow will crush on us. Finally, we reached the spot under the giant waterfall. people scattered and prepare for the hunting by setting a ladder and rope. Some people engaged in making breakfast but bahubali kaka is still performing a ritual by sacrificing a chicken for forest god to minimize the accidents occurs while honey hunting. After some time everybody had a bowl of beaten rice with that sacrificed chicken's soup. Now Bir Bahadur is fully prepared for the honey where he has to fight with the tallest waterfall's height and with a poisonous gaint bees called (Veer Maori). Kaka set a fire under the bottom of beehives with Raw bushes to separate the bees from hives. He tied himself and climbed through the rope's ladder with a long bamboo stick and reached to the top of the waterfall. After two hours of struggle, we accomplished the mission and we all tasted raw fresh honey. To be true I have never tasted honey like this before, Really A grade. My greed makes me had a couple of spoons but later, My god full hallucination trip strikes my head which made me sleep for 3 hours till somebody wakes me up for returning home. When I opened my eyes everybody is laughing at me along with bahubali kaka.