• Mar 5, 2020
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“I am not going back, either I am going to die or I will see the new world”-Long breathing still ticking in my ear that time I decided not to lose my self.

About a year ago, I and my Friend decided to Trek to Annapurna Circuit to see the Yartung festival in Mustang, a place called Muktinath. Especially Yartung is the Festival celebrated by the Thakali people of Nepal during August in full moon day. This festival is celebrated for the good blessings and good Summer harvest. The celebration goes for three days with lots of fair and Cultural Dance. The major attraction is horse Riding where all males and females took part in this game.

We decided to Trek from Besisahar, Lamjung. The distance is 175.8 km from Kathmandu. The routes from Besisahar are: Besisahar to Chame (2630m)-6hours walk

Chame to Lower Pisang (3,200 m), 6 hrs.

  • · Lower Pisang to Braga (3,450 m) 7.5 hours or Manang (3,540 m); 8 hrs.
  • · Trek to Thorung Phedi (4,420 m).
  • · Trek to Muktinath (3,710 m) via the Thorong La (4,420 m).
  • · Trek Muktinath (3,710 m) to Jomsom (2,720 m).
  • · Trek end: Drive Jomsom (2,720 m) to Pokhara (827m).
  • · Drive Pokhara (827 m) to Kathmandu (1,375 m).

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We started our journey full of energy and lots of excitement. Our Bag pack is almost 12 kg with lots of useable stuff like tent, down jacket, sunglasses, water bottle, first aid box, power banks, Dry foods, maps, tissue paper, etc. the first day it was fun no more tiredness. Along with beautiful village and greenery hills, it was wow moment till Chame. We found the majority of the people are Gurung, Chhetri along with others. The Pewter stone house and the long dirt road is the only sign of development in this area.

The altitude gradually increases and we are still heading towards our destiny. River Marshyangdi and the tallest waterfalls sounds are boosting our souls to complete our target. After Chame, the snow-covered mountain with crystal clear blue sky made our day. The food called Local Nepali Thali is Amazing with local berry juice. We found People are Friendly, Humble and Helpful.

The Day to Throngla passes (4420m)

We were staying at throng Phedi. Early in the Morning, around 4 am everyone started the trek up to the passes. I along my Friend, we two also started a journey with the group of Go for Nepal Treks Company. It was fun at first, that mountain seems so beautiful under the moonlight. That aura was so amazing, sometimes I still remember that. Gradually we stepped upward than we began to feel the heavy breathing. We were stepping slowly into the 10 cm snow path. We felt cold and tired at the same time. I saw experienced climbers are walking so fast with a ticking of seconds.

After some time we managed to reach around 4000m altitude, then we took rest, laying on the snowy rock and looking into the sky with a heavy Breath. That time I felt, I can’t move my body due to lack of oxygen. We were running out of time. That was a time I thought I couldn’t make to the passes- I felt helpless and frightened. After some time I opened my eyes, suddenly I felt all the mountains look so shinny with peaceful Mudras (position). Suddenly I decided I have to cross this pass at any cost than we walked. That the time I talked to myself, “I am not going back, either I am going to die or I will see the new world”-Long breathing still ticking in my ear that time I decided not to lose my self.

Around 6 hours of struggle, we cross the passes and reached Muktinath. That day we rest in Muktinath and make ourselves self-ready for tomorrow.it was early in the morning we drank yak milk with a lot of cheese. I still remember colorful crowds and an extra adventurous horse riding game. We had a dance, chat, cultural exchange and many more. Sometimes I used to think that a good time always comes after a hard time. The phase should be passed.