• Babu Krishna Thapa

    Babu Krishna Thapa


    Babu Krishna Thapa is the founder of Go For Nepal Treks Pvt Ltd. He started in Nepal tourism in 2006 working as a trekking guide before opening his own company in 2012. Mr. Thapa is a well-known name in Nepal tourism. Well educated, multilingual, friendly and have vast knowledge of Nepal tourism. With his passion of making Nepal the best holiday destination in world, Mr. Thapa has traveled many countries to promote and endorse Nepal tourism. As an adventure lover in free time Mr. Thapa loves to do some trekking and adventure activity in Nepal.

  • Yukesh Gurung

    Yukesh Gurung

    Program Manager

    Yukesh Gurung is an elegant, hardworking attitude 28 years old guy. With post graduate degree in MSW field he has amazing skills of working with different sectors of people in group and community. He is a born traveller; he travelled more than 8 countries including Nepal. Recently working in Go for Nepal as a Program manager. More than 5 years of experience in travelling field, he has a good and friendly reputation in travelling community. He believes in transforming the lives with the help of inner spiritual consciousness and travelling. He is strongly aware about the Mother Nature and the consequences of karma.

  • Keshav Pokheral

    Keshav Pokheral


    Keshav Pokheral is a chartered accountant by his profession. Recently working in the different sectors of the company in Nepal as well as able to managed to work with Go for Nepal. He looks all the account activities. He is working in this filed more than 10 years.

  • Sambhu Thapa

    Sambhu Thapa

    Dubai Travel Consultant

    People call him Kazi shamo ranger. He is from Chitwan Sauraha but currently lives and work from Dubai.He got full swing with the choice of travel things. He is a travel guide and a full-time functional travel consultant. He has a more than seven years of experiences in travelling field. His work is his passion and fad, so he have adored every second of it. Apart from my responsibility, he keeps interest on blogging. Besides being fascinated in Travel things, he has got a particular fondness for languages, Music and Physical trainings. Now a days he has been working hard to become a successful person.

  • Cathy Funk

    Cathy Funk

    USA Travel Consultant

    Cathy lives in Washington State USA with her husband. She recently retired from a 27 year career in substance abuse treatment and prevention work and has been climbing since themid-1990s. She has taken a climbing skills class, and she attended the Central Washington Mountain Rescue Basic Mountaineering Course prior to joining the rescue team. Cathy has climbed numerous mountains in Washington State and hikes and backpacks regularly in the Cascade Mountain Range. She also enjoys rock climbing with her kids and grandkids. Cathy completed the Three Pass Hike with a trip to Everest Base Camp and is available to help people plan a trip to Nepal for trekking or climbing.

  • Iranthar


    India Travel Consultant

    Iranthar is a 32 years old guy from Nepal. Recently, lives in Chennai India. He works as a Travel consultant for Go for Nepal. Hard working with positive attitude, he is so friendly with the people. More than 5 years of experiences in travelling sector, he is well known about the places of India and Nepal.

  • Yogendra KC

    Yogendra KC

    Senior Tour Guide

    At the age of 25 years old, he started his career. Most Dedicated and Humble Human beings in the company.he have done almost all the Trekking Routes along major climbings. he has a very organic mentality and always believe in Sustainability. Most of the time he has been participating in the awareness program related to Nature and sustainable Management related to the Tourism sector.he has completed almost 15 years in the tourism line and still serving the company Go for Nepal Treks and Expedition.

  • Dilip Moktan

    Dilip Moktan

    Trekking Guide

  • Geshman Tamang

    Geshman Tamang

    Trekking Guide

  • Madan Ghale

    Madan Ghale

    Travel Guide

  • Palden Tamang

    Palden Tamang

    Travel Guide

  • Pemdorji Sherpa

    Pemdorji Sherpa

    Trekking Guide

  • Rajan Pandey

    Rajan Pandey

    Travel Guide